The “Sirmium group”: about the so-called Gepids siliquae


The so-called “Gepids siliquae” have been treated by many authors, but often as an appendix, or a note to Ostrogothic coinage, or just a reference to some unspecified Gepid coinage. It seemed to us therefore necessary to try to classify this coinage, give it a “name”, give it a period of issue and, as far as possible, identify the issuing authority. The theme is clearly a niche and can stimulate the curiosity of a small, but particularly interested audience. This work has been from the beginning destined for online publication, free, and open to any contribution. It is, and it will be a “work in progress”, with an open database, that certainly will change and will increase over time. No conclusion is final and everything is open to any contribution, or requests for data sharing, by those who want to continue and deepen this work, so we are ready to share the entire database with anyone who wants to contact us.