Viminacium hátlapos aprópénz-utánzatok


Provincial dupondii of Philip I and Philip II attributed to the mint of Viminacium, Moesia Superior anachronistically dated to year 4 of the local era (A. D. 242–243) are known for centuries, several explanations were given for their mintage. Research was set back, as only the coins of Philip I and II were taken into account, as the anachronistic date made them easily recognizable. However their coins are only a part of a larger group of imitations: several Viminacium dupondii of Gordian III dated to year 2, 4, and 5 with similar characteristics are also known, as well as unique coins of Caracalla and Maximinus I with reverses of the provincial mint of Viminacium dated to year 4. The coins are not forgeries, but rather imitations, probably a kind of emergency coinage issued most likely between the late 240’s and early 260’s to solve the problem of the lack of small change in the Middle Danubian region.