Az eraviscus pénzverés


In Hungary, the only coinage made purely following Roman designs and based on Roman standard is related to the Eravisci. The exact date of the coinage is still a matter of discuss, but the Eraviscan coins may have begun at the earliest during the last decades of the 1st century BC. The Eraviscan coinage was more probably politically, rather than economically motivated. Maybe their purpose was to finance the Eraviscan troops allied with Romans, for instance in the war planned against Maroboduus. The coinage may have probably a later phase after the abandonment of the oppidum on Gellért Hill. In this phase the very “odd” coins were minted somewhere in the edge of the Eraviscan territory. Recently some imitations of the Eraviscan denarii came to light from north of the Danube, e.g. Czechy hoard. They are thin, poorly minted coins of half weight and strongly stylized imagery.