Pénzek és pénznevek a Panegyrici Latini dicsőítő beszédeiben


The Panegyrici Latini is a collection of 12 laudatory orations all dating from the Late Antiquity, except for the opening speech of Pliny the Younger expressing his gratitude towards Trajan for his consulship. In this paper I analyse these texts form a numismatic point, examining which coins appear in them. I first review the 4th c. denominations and compare them with their occurrence in the Panegyrici Latini. The result is quite poor: the speeches glorify the emperors’ generosity in general, but they only rarely mention specific coins, denominations or sums. However, this is not surprising in the late Roman written sources, since similar tendencies occur in the works of e.g. Ammianus Marcellinus, Eutropius or Aurelius Victor.