A Nahr Ibrhim-i kincs kutatástörténete


In 1938 Henri Seyrig, the director of the Archaeological Institute in Beirut had sent a coin hoard found at Nahr Ibrahim to András Alföldi for publication. The find contained about 5200 antoniniani mostly dated to 260 and 284 minted in Antioch, Tripolis and Cyzicus and a minor ammount of denarii and weighted some 20kg. The examination of the coins was handed out to the students, but the World War II hindered the completion of this task. The hoard was brought into the scholarly literature by K. Pink, who in the Mitteilungen der Österreichische Numizmtatiche Gesellschaft 13 wrote down everything he knew about it. I managed to identify the remaining 1/3 of the find and wrote CSc dissertation in 1985 on the subject that I managed to defend.